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Welcome and thank you for visiting! As a devoted wife and mother to twin girls, along with a stepson and four furry companions, my heart is deeply rooted in love and family. Stittsville has been my lifelong home, and it's a true honor to extend my services in the very town that shaped my journey. With a genuine passion for hairstyling, I aspire to become your dedicated stylist, bringing not only professional expertise but also a warm, personal touch to your beauty experience. Let's embark on this styling journey together – where the artistry of hair meets heartfelt connections.

About Me

Step into my welcoming home-based full-service hair salon, where your beauty journey begins! I'm thrilled to have you explore my website, and as you navigate through, envision the personalized and high-quality services that await you. Committed to exceeding your expectations, I use premium products, including JOICO COLORS, which I am extensively trained in, backed by years of expertise.

Discover the wonders of JOICO's age-defying color line, particularly exceptional for grey coverage. Keen on staying ahead of trends, I regularly update my skills and embrace the latest coloring products from top brands like JOICO.

With over 23 years of running a clean and inviting home-based business, my success is built on a strong work ethic and a genuine passion for ensuring my clients leave with smiles. Punctuality is my virtue, and I meticulously schedule appointments to honor your time.

Specializing in women's hair services, I focus on providing top-notch cuts, colors, and foils for clients who appreciate the highest quality. My dedication to crafting salon services that are easily maintainable until your next visit is unwavering, making your satisfaction my top priority. Presently, I'm excited to welcome new clients seeking exceptional hair experiences.

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6416 Fernbank Road

Ottawa, ON K2S 1B6


(613) 831-1249

Opening Hours

Tues - Fri          10:30 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday            9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sun & Mon        Closed

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