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About Me...
Hello, my name is Emily Bell-Benckhuysen.  I have been a licensed hairstylist/colourist  for over 30 years.  Wow, times flies when your having fun.   I update my skills regularly.  In January 2016 I went for a week of JOICO Education Destination Course in Mexico.   We were taught all the new cuts, colours, trends and styles for the upcoming seasons.  There were many of the top stylists and educators in North America there giving us all they know.  I have been working full-time in my home based business for the last 18 years. I believe my customers' needs are of the utmost importance. My commitment is to meeting those needs. As a result, my business is built on repeat customers and referrals. 

Updated Services and Prices 
These are the total price of each service. 

LADIES Cuts & Blowdry 
price range due to length and thickness of hair 

Bangs                                             $8.00
Wash, cut and style dry      $45.00 to $ 50.00 (depending on drying time)        
Wash & style dry                           $32.00 to  $38.00      
Up-do                                                  $65.00 and up 

LADIES Chemical Services 

Perms start at                                       $85.00  includes cut & blowdry
Root touchup no cut                                      $70.00 including blowdry 
Full head of colour no cut                             $78.00 includes blowdry  
Root touchup with cut                                   $95.00 including blowdry                                    
Full  head of colour with cut                        $105.00  Includes blowdry

No additinal fee to add a cut to the below services. 

These are starting prices depending on length & thickness. 

Cap hilites                                     $110.00  includes blowdry
Cap hilites with base colour       $125.00  including  blowdry
Foil hilites                                      $130.00  includes blowdry
Foil hilites with root touchup      $140.00 including blowdry
Foil hilites with 2 colours             $160.00  including  blowdry
Per foil                                                          $10.00
Ombré colour                              Start at  $160.00
Balayage hilites                           Start at  $160.00             
Personalized fashion colours           to be discussed 

Eyebrow colouring                                       $10.00
Eyebrow colouring/waxing                         $20.00

Eye brow waxing                         $12.00
Chin waxing                                 $12.00
Upper lip                                     $12.00
Any two services                        $18.00

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